Randy DeWitt

Randy DeWitt

RANDY’s Path to Twin Peaks

Randy DeWitt founded Twin Peaks in 2005, the mountain-lodge themed sports restaurant has rapidly expanded from its legacy location in Lewisville, Texas, with no plans to stop development. Randy brought Joe Hummel on as CEO of the brand in July of 2017. He is thrilled with the accomplishments of the Twin Peaks brand and is excited to continue to help expand the concept to untapped markets throughout the country. Randy is the CEO of Front Burner Restaurants, overseeing operational and developmental aspects of the nationally-recognized Twin Peaks brand and additional brands throughout the Southwest, including: Velvet Taco, Mexican Sugar, Sixty Vines, Whiskey Cake, Ida Claire, The Ranch, Legacy Hall, and Haywire.

When asked what sets Twin Peaks apart as a business model, Randy responded, “There’s not an area of our business that is a weak point. Some bars might have great TVs but their food stinks. Or a place might have decent food but their bar menu pricing is ridiculous. Twin Peaks delivers an exceptional product at every touch point of our brand.”


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